Nightmare, nightmare.

I had the mother of all nightmares last night. And I remember every single detail.

It started with me sneaking in my very gay friend into my room to have a smoke. My mother walked in (thankfully) just before we lit the cigarettes up. So we decided to take a walk, smoke the buggers and then come back. So for a walk we went.

As we walked towards the gate of the apartment complex (the dream had somehow changed the setting from my home to an apartment complex), we saw a nun walking towards us. The dream had again changed from an apartment complex to a nunnery, where we were staying the night, pretending to be husband and wife. The nun gave us a look and told us that she would meet us in our room later in the night.

After this strange encounter, we were walking in the sidewalk. We noticed a jeep with four men looking like evil sidekicks. They were tailing us. We tried to get rid of them and thought for a second that we were successful. But they caught up with us when my friend took a wrong turn and had to come back to go the right way.

When they rounded us up, they herded us into a nearby (abandoned?) electronics store. This is when my friend magically transformed into my boyfriend. (Just to be clear, I don’t have a boyfriend in real life). They made us sit and talked shit. It actually was not too bad. They eventually got drunk somehow. So I sneakily took out my phone and dialled the police. When they picked up, I started yelling into the phone for them to come save us. I think I also gave them the address of the place. All the while I was taking on the phone, I was running around the store so as to prevent the bad guys from catching me. My boyfriend just sat there. Then we tried running out of the store.

This is when everything stated going south. I managed to get out of the store. But they caught hold of my boyfriend and dragged him back into the store. I then ran to get help. Even though I ran out, in the dream I saw everything that was happening in the store. It was like I had eyes, but no body. I could not do anything but watch with horror.

The men surrounded my boyfriend. They pushed him to the ground and started punching him and kicking him. He didn’t scream. And then…they raped him. One guy did it while the others kept hitting him. I couldn’t scream. I could only pray hard that I(the me with the body) came back soon with help. And then…they pulled out a dagger. I could see their silhouettes. The dagger rose and fell repeatedly on his body. He still did not cry out. I don’t think he was dead. And then I(the me with the body) returned. I stood outside the store, watching the horror through the window. And then I was back to my body. I watched as those animals assaulted and brutalised the man I love. I beat at the glass, screaming for them to stop.

They noticed me. They thankfully got off him and came for me. They dragged me back into the store screaming and struggling. And in the store, I noticed someone whom I did not notice before. It was a woman. She was dressed very provocatively(read ‘trashily’). She had a gun in her hand. Before I could do anything, she said “Oops” in an very amused voice and shot my boyfriend in the head. I remember feeling like I couldn’t breath.

I woke up when she pointed the gun at me.

Could someone, for the sake of my sanity, please explain to me what the hell this horrifying nightmare means? Why, why, WHY would I have this dream? This nightmare? I never remember any of my dreams entirely. I also wished that I could, but usually I can recall only little bits and pieces. But this one-I can remember every single detail. I see the man raising his hand with the dagger to stab my nonexistent boyfriend every time I close my eyes. I can see the woman pulling the trigger, an amused smile always present on her lips. I think she was the nun. 


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